Titan Coin IEO with following listing on LATOKEN starts on 22st of March 2019

1 Titan Coin = 0,2 USD = 1 kg of ilmenite concentrate

Titan Coin is the first token in the ICO history running on the Byteball Platform and backed up by the actual production of ilmenite concentrate – the valuable source for obtaining titanium group products. 

The goal of our project is to create a new asset in cryptocurrency market with high returns and low risks. 

By buying tokens, investors are able to make investments in Titan Coin project. Thanks to our buy-back program, investors who focused on a long-term investment can expect high returns. Your investment plans can be achieved successfully using a legit trading app readily available in the market. Read the news spy app test reviews to gather more information.   

Titan Coin Pre-ICO campaign was successfully completed on December 4, 2020, during which time all projected funds were raised in full and in accordance with founder’s expectations.    

In March the first stage of IEO Titan Coin starts on the platform La Token.

Within a month it is planned to sell 5,000,000 tokens at the price of $0.2 per token. During this period private offices will be open for investors for working with a token on the Byteball and Ethereum platforms.

Further the second stage of IEO it is planned to release for sale 10,000,000 tokens at other exchange. After the assessment of demand for a token the decision on continuation of IEO and start of the third stage or activation of automatic listing of Titan Coin at the LaToken exchange will be made.


We offered Titan Coin tokens with an additional bonus of up to 75% of the face value, which can be purchased from November 4, 2020 till December 4, 2020. Details are in the table below.

Tokens will be distributed as follows:

10 % - Team tokens;
3% - Bounty;
6% - Tokens sold at pre-ICO;
up to 81% - Tokens to be sold at IEO.

* In accordance with the laws of China, Singapore and the United States of America, the sale of tokens to persons who have the citizenship of these countries is not possible.

Total amount of Titan Coins
100 000 000 TC
Titan Coin face value
0,2 USD/TC
Total sum of funds to be raised
14 033 358 USD
Amount of Tokens sold at PRE-ICO
5 685 925 TC
Amount of Tokens to be sold at ICO
70 166 790 TC
Titan the strongest alloy. Titan Coin both on earth and in space.
10 000 000 tons
The total amount of raw materials for processing, which will yield 730 million kg. ilmenite concentrate.
Private Token Sale
Real industry
Based on real industry.
Full transparency
Full transparency at all stages of cooperation. We have nothing to hide.

What will the money collected for
IEO be used for?

Purchase of special equipment
Creation of the spectral analysis laboratory
Launch of the chlorination department
Purchase of an electroplasma unit
Purchase of trucks
Purchase of a DC arc furnace
Repair of railway tracks
Purchase of an additional production site


Isai Peisakhov
Over 10 years of experience in the management of companies specializing in industrial waste processing and 5 years in the organization of sale processes in titanium dioxide.
Alexander Lemyakin
Over 15 years of experience as CEO in managing construction companies. More than 50 projects have been implemented with a total area over 300 thousand m2.
Denis Pekarskiy
More than 10 years of experience in the successful management of manufacturing companies. Supervised projects: AGROTIP trust company, ORTIGA trust company, PETROPAVLOVSK trust company, GP A.R.M Closed Joint-Stock Company
Alexander Vasilyev
More than 11 years of experience in advertising and marketing. One of the founders of the largest developer’s community Apps4All in Russia. Co-founder of the advertising agency Adsforall, which is included in one of the largest media holding in Russia - ADV (Turnover more than 33 billion rubles in 2016)
Advisor technology
Anton Churyumov
Inventor and creator of innovative crypto-currency platform Byteball based on the DAG algorithm. Byteball capitalization is more than 100 million USD. Anton has more than 15 years of experience in software development and high-loaded systems for telecom and Internet businesses.
Vyacheslav Safronov
More than 20 years of experience in business development and management of technology companies. In the past, the CEO of several major telecom and media companies. He is the head of the Titan Coin European office in Barcelona, Spain.
Olga Jafarova
Experience in titanium dioxide sales for 17 years. She has loyal relationships with partners in Europe and Asia. She signed one of the largest contracts on titanium dioxide sales for 3 years in the Turkish market, designed for 70% of the annual production.
Valery Kalmykov
Experience in the manufacturing sector for more than 30 years. Worked under contract in India in the BMC company. Supervised the project for the reconstruction, restoration, setting and starting of the titanium dioxide production. Trained staff, automated production processes. Experienced in handling automated crypto trading software applicaitons such as Bitcoin Revolution.
Project Manager
Dmitry Kuznetsov
More than 10 years of experience in advertising. Successful organization of PR campaigns. Member of the team: Garage, Roxbury, ASG, Seline, ICO factory, Appnow
Investors Relation Manager
Denis Zagorskiy
8 years in the innovative Waste to Energy project GLES: 5 years of project management starting from concept to successful commercial unit manufacturing and testing and 3 years as CFO.



Contact form
wdt_ID Name Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Total
1 pre-ICO target BB 1008 1008 1008 1008 1008 5040
2 pre-ICO target USD 201 600 201 600 201 600 201 600 201 600 1 008 000
3 Bonus 75% 60% 50% 40% 30%
4 TC amount 1 764 400 1 612 800 1 512 000 1 411 200 1 310 400 7 610 400
ICO start date:
ICO end date:
Soft cap:
1 000 000 US Dollars
Hard cap:
10 192 000 US Dollar
Buy-back frequency:
once a quarter
Buy-back start date:
Number of iterations:
Maximal amount of tokens for each iteration:
10% of total amount of issued tokens
Price of buy-back for the 1st iteration:
current face value (0,2 USD) + 20%
Price of buy-back for the following iterations:
price of previous buy-back iteration + 20% of the face value (0,2 USD)